Re: Nautilus CD Burner Not Working

>I have recently built Gnome 2.6 and am having difficulties getting the
>Nautilus CD burner to work (I build version 2.6.1). Basically, I drag files
>into the CD Creator and ask it to burn the CD. I get a message box giving me
>my CD R/W drive but when I click on Burn CD, nothing happens - I get an empty
>message box that simply does nothing but remain idle. It looks like it creates
>temporary ISO files in /tmp like it should but am not sure what the problem
>is. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I had similar situation some days ago when I first install nautilus-cd-burner. But is strange that now I can't reproduce it - all works fine. After nautilus-cd-burner I'd tried to use xcdroast, then I'd returned back to nautilus-cd-burner. The bugzilla for nautilus-cd-burner contains two bugs, probably #113038 is about that problem, but it is not so clear. Probably, the reason is that mapping-daemon isn't running at that moment you start burn or gnome-vfs doesn't handle burn method just after install. First, try to attach process list (with ps -x).

If you can reporduce this bug and give additional information, we can do something with it. 

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