Re: Nautilus: specifying file type

On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 10:13, Dmitry M. Shatrov wrote:
> And what if I want to edit it with, say, The GIMP? a hex editor?
> I think there should be at least an 'Open with...' option where I could 
> type "gimp" (yes, with path resolution)
Yes, it should be.
> btw, when you choose a new program for some file type, woldn't it be 
> cool just to type 'appbinary' instead of 
> '/oh/where/can/I/find/that/appbinary'? it could use something like 
> `which appbinary` to get full path
Yes, and it should present a list for a user to choose in case he has
more that 1 binary matching.
And of course, it should be possible to specify full path, also.



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