Re: Nautilus: specifying file type

On Thu, 2004-07-01 at 05:57, Dmitry M. Shatrov wrote:
> Hello.
> Please consider my situation:
> I want to create a text file on my desktop. I right-click on it and 
> point on the "Create document" meny entry. It says "No templates 
> installed", so I choose "Empty file". Now I see my new file on the 
> desktop. I want to edit it with gedit, and _oops, there's no way to do 
> it! Left-clicking on it gives me 'Associate application' dialog which 
> wants me to register a new file type and to enter weird things like 
> 'MIME type' and 'Category'. Walking through file properties etc. does 
> not help as well.
> It's a feature request: to be able to choose one of already registered 
> file types, not only to create a new one.
> Wbr, Dmitry.

In your home folder you should have a Templates folder. Simply copy a
blank text file in there (say Untitled.txt) and then when you next start
Nautilus (do a killall nautilus or re-logon) it should appear in the
Create Document entry.

 The onus is on the distro to pre-populate this folder with suitable
templates though I think Nautilus should provide txt file as default if
templates folder is blank. Cause of the huge number of registered types
(most of which you wont ever use in this way) i dont think its practical
to provide that as an option.


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