Re: Nautilus Fan: Nice & Nasty

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 19:15, Nugeto Mandella wrote:

> 1) Pressing "F" repeatedly does not move one through a list of files... on 
> that subject "f" should come just before "F", not after Z, yes thats ASCI, 
> but hey we're human. I watch people especially ex MS people on linux and 
> almost without fail, they say, "the file is gone". No human, f comes after 
> X... huh!

Sounds like you're using the C locale. You need to have a real locale to
get the right collation rules. Also, pressing 'f' repeatedly only gets
you to files starting with 'fff', you need to type the real name you
want to get to.

> 2) The above is also livable, but this is not... if you run a long 
> operation, like launch a script from nautilus in a terminal, thats it, 
> nautilus is dead. Cant move to another file and say look at something in 
> gedit, cant do anything. Its still responsive, but if you do try anything 
> else, thats the end of X, stuff starts to ignore you. On that, what I think 
> is a threading issue or lack off, try look at say 30,000 files in nautilus, 
> goodbye X. This you have to fix, its the only reason I use another file 
> manager now... if lots of files or going to launch a backup script... I have 
> to use EMELFM.

I really don't understand exactly what you mean. How do you launch the

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