Re: Icons during dragging (should have text part IMHO)

Hi everyone!

Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:

I don't have a classic MacOS here, how does it work there? I agree that
we could do this better.

Well, I don't have MacOS either, but I have always thought that this problem
(I am having that too)  was something to do with the mouse sensitivness,
but after trying to dragNdrop on Konqueror and Windows Explorer and
comparing them with Nautilus I can freely say that this feeling of slowness
is caused by the icon being dragged with delay in responce to cursor.

In other words, I place tip of my cursor on the middle of an icon
and drag it. Nautilus only starts dragging after I move cursor some
pixels. So when the icon starts to move, my cursor's tip is not in the middle of an
icon anymore, but near to the side I was dragging and icon.

This does not happen with Konqueror btw. You can freely test it.

I must say I don't have any idea what it represents either.

Yes, that icon has no meaning and does not obey to cursor themes
either. (At least does not work with Jimmac's set of cursors)
Can we make nautilus show a 'move' icon when dragging?

Perfection is in details, but it's harder to find those sometimes.

Metin Amiroff      <metin at karegen dot com> |

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