Re: Remote CD/DVD writing with n-c-b

Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 06:00:39PM -0400, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) escribió:

>Good idea.
>Alternative approach:
>you install OpenSSH on the cdwriter computer, and then place an icon on the
>client computer which runs "ssh nautilus cdburner://".
>That´d open the Nautilus CD burner dialog on the client´s desktop, but would
>actually be running on the cdburner computer.
>The only problem is how to copy files to the CD burner computer.  Your users,
>AFAIK, cannot drag files to the cdburner window from locally running nautilus
>windows.  I experienced this while trying to use Konqueror in this way, as
>well.  I had to run a "ssh remote-computer konqueror fish://local-computer" to
>open another window with a local view of the file system.

	Sure... that works, but has two inconvenients, as you pointed

* You've got to have X & Nautilus installed on the server. Not a big
  deal, but better not to have them if not necessary.

* You need a way to copy files to the server. NFS may be the solution
  (let's say "put the files in this shared folder") and then open the
  "other" or "remote" Nautilus and then burn.

  	But I'd rather see "clean" remote cd burning features
implemented, mostly when the real, hard job is being done by cdrecord!



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