Icons during dragging (should have text part IMHO)

Hello Nautilus-wranglers!

First I want to thank you for the great Nautilus 2.6. I've been
using it for two weeks now and I think it is almost perfect.
But with the huge improvements in usability smaller problems
and/or somewhat problematic design decisions are becoming increasingly
visible to me.

One thing is the "feel" of dragging icons, this is maybe my largest
"problem" with Nautilus now.

To me dragging simply does not feel quite right yet. I think part 
of the problem is that activating the Icon gets lots of feedback (good)
but the "state change" to "dragged" is not really visible. I.e.
if you drag the Icon just for a few pixels you are never quite sure
if you've really "got" it, or just activated it. Or so it feels
to me. The cursor form switch simply does not do it for me, on some
unconscious level. Might sound strange, but Windows XP and -- most of 
all -- classic MacOS work much much better in that respect IMHO.

Maybe it is just the shape of the dragging cursor, that says nothing to
me and somehow changes the "center of gravity" and shape of the cursor
in some strange way. I've been using it for so long, but I still have
no idea what this "right angle" shape represents. Or does it represent

*And* it might be part of the problem, that the icon text is not 
displayed while dragging (or is that a preference I messed up?).
This is not good IMHO, because the icon text to me is part of
the icon, and most important: The *shape* of the icon changes, if
the text is not displayed while dragging. I really wish the text
part of the Icon would be displayed.

An additional benefit would be, that then you would be sure you had
grabbed the "right" item, if you are suddenly unsure somewhere in
the middle while dragging (say because someone interrupted you or
you are mildly obsessive compulsive ; ).

Thanks again for your great work and thanks for reading my rant! 
If you think I should file a request for enhancement and/or bug (i.e. if
it is not a concious decision on your part to do it that way), please do
say so.


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