Re: Icons during dragging (should have text part IMHO)

Il mer, 2004-04-21 alle 15:53, Metin Amiroff ha scritto:
> Hi everyone!
> Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
> > 
> > I don't have a classic MacOS here, how does it work there? I agree that
> > we could do this better. 
> > 


> In other words, I place tip of my cursor on the middle of an icon
> and drag it. Nautilus only starts dragging after I move cursor some
> pixels. So when the icon starts to move, my cursor's tip is not in the 
> middle of an
> icon anymore, but near to the side I was dragging and icon.

Try to adjust Treshold slider in Motion tab of Desktop Preferences ->
Mouse. Smaller value means less pixels before start drag operation.

Or, of course, edit /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse/drag_threshold
GConf key. BTW the key documentation don't say that possible values are
between 1 and 10. Same missed info for all other similar keys for mouse
and keyboard. Can anyone open a bug? I can't do it now :-(

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