Re: convincing ssh:// and ftp:// links to work

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 18:48, Alan wrote:
> > > I did notice that after a rebuild of nautilus last night I can open
> > >, but not ftp://naked (naked is my internal ftp
> > > server) or ftp://192.168.2.x.  Loading up was fast and
> > > worked fine.  
> > 
> > Hmmm... Could be a name resolving issue then.
> Could be, but the servername naked is in my /etc/hosts file and also
> available from my local DNS.  If it doesn't work by IP though, does that
> rule out hostname resolving?
> IIRC I had the same problem with accessing ssh:// URIs with 2.4,
> sometimes it'd work, most times it'd just give me the 'could not log in'
> error, even though I could login with 'ssh user host' from the command
> line with no prompts thanks to ssh-keys.

ssh:// is pretty crappy, please use sftp:// instead.
Pretty strange that ip addresses didn't work though.

I commited some better error reporting to cvs. Could you try that out
and see what happens?

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