Re: Nautilus View / Listeners compared with Windows Namespace extension questions

> Le mar 14/10/2003 à 13:42, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
>> The UI for a file manager will always be there, and any additional
>> extension of the UI still has to live inside this world (sharing
>> concepts, menus, key shortcuts etc). Having a photo managing studio
>> inside nautilus is never gonna be as efficient and easy to use as a
>> real standalone app focusing on that. Doing it all in Nautilus just
>> gives you an over-complicated filemanager and an inefficient user
>> interface and implementation for the photo manager.
> I've always wondered if a layout like GThumb's directory mode would be a
> better candidate for browsing the filesystem. That way you have:
>       * small icons for the dir view, but full bonobo view for the
>         preview pane.
>       * no more schizophrenic application/view: a single click updates
>         the preview pane, a double click launch the associated app.
>       * easier grasp for newcomers at what is Nautilus: the directory
>         view won't change to e.g. EOG.
>       * better way to manage collections than GThumb: you can view not
>         only pics, but all objects you have a view for.
> Does it make sense ?

Sounds like what the Finder in OS X does when in the columns view. 
Interesting idea and maybe something that should be explored for the file
browser part of the new nautilus, but it doesn't really fit the spatial

A simple way to handle manipulation of digital cameras would be to allow
them to be browsed as removable media from nautilus, but a right click
gives you an open in GThumb.  This can already be done, so all thats need
is for nautilus and vfs to support the camera.

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