Re: displaying uris in titlebar

Dave Bordoley wrote:

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 14:23, Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il ven, 2003-01-31 alle 16:58, Dave Bordoley ha scritto:
Right now for special uris like fonts:// and burn:// are used for the
window titlebar for these folders. I see several potential problems with

1. At the most basic level they are untranslatable (to the best of my
knowledge), hence these names become about as useless as "/" to
non-english speakers.

2. They force the implementation detail of uris upon users. Ideally we
would provide some sort of click and open solution to accessing these
folders (maybe via start-here or the desktop it self).

Other related troubles

3. You have to know that the uri exist

4. You have to know that the uri is "installed"

Personally I like a start-here page more like an "all available resources" view, where you can find and manage all non-file stuff
available for/from nautilus ('Available Fonts' , 'Installed Packages' ,
'Network Servers' , 'Desktop Preferences' , 'Applications'...).

Well here's my general idea when it comes to accessing theses uris
through the ui. I've posted this in a few bugs, but can't hurt to post
it here as well.

1. Access to the fonts:// folder should be provided via the control
center font capplet. (open fonts folder...)

I agree here.

2. Network should be on the desktop by default. I recommend
calling it "Network Places" seems more friendly than "Network Servers"

I figure that most "users" would not really know what a "Network Server" was, so I think this is a sensible naming proposition. Also, on the desktop makes sense since that seems to be the place where people access most other resourced, floppy, home, cd etc.

3. A link to the "burn" directory could be added to the desktop
whenever an empty cd-r is placed in the cd drive (I think this is how
the mac works).

Not too sure what the benifits of this are!  Can you explain.

4. smb:// is accessible from the network:// uri, although its kind of
crappy since smb:// is not a sub dir of network:// (which can be

5. Applications:// should be on the desktop by default too...

Why? Dont most people access applications from either the menu panel or the gnome menu on another panel. I would not like to see the desktop become cluttered, nor would I like it to be doubling up with things already easily accessible elsewhere.


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