Re: Minor (but annoying) slowdown in Nautilus 2.2

Hi all,

> I see this bug every so often with CVS head (so i don't think its fixed :(
> ).

No unfortunately it's not. Just upgraded from unstable and it's still there.

> In general i see it most often the first time a context menu is used in a
> folder (noticeably on the desktop) although right now i'm away from my
> gnome machine so i can't test to give better scenarios.

Yes, same here. For example, if I right click on the Trash for the first
time the menu shows up and then a split second after it becomes visible
the "Empty Trash" and "Add To Archive" items are added to the menu. After
that whenever I right-click the menu shows up correctly right away.

This is annoying because it doesn't look cool that the menu resizes
itself, but also I have the Trash at the bottom of the screen, so after
the menu resizes it doesn't fit on the screen and the little menu "scroll
arrows" appear!

I assume the problem is some bonobo query slowness the first time those
dynamic entries are added. After that the query is cached I guess. Easiest
solution would be to not show the menu until the query returns and all
items have been added (not that I've looked at the code or anything :).
But that might look bad if there is too long of a delay before the menu
shows up...

Also, how come the dynamic application items, like "Add To Archive", show
up above "Properties" at the bottom of the menu. That seems really out of
place to me, shouldn't they be above "Cut, Copy, Paste" and below
"Scripts" ??

- Frank

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