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> Hi, saw the great stuff going on at the lumiere website, foudn yor
> e-mail address there.. so I think you're responsible for it, correct me
> if I am wrong :)
> Maybe you already do this, or have decided against, but have you thought
> about doing a nautilus Video view where it shows the vid files as mini
> video icons of lumiere that actually play when hovered over? (like mp3s
> play when hovered over). This would look really cool I think - if it
> isn't too much hard work :)


I received this.

Anybody has an idea on how to do this?

lumiere is a bonobo control, can it be embedded into nautilus icon view?
it already works as a "viewer" inside nautilus.

- I don't have a clue about how the icon view is implemented. -

otherwise, it is also a gtkwidget (the one the control is made of) that can resize to any size..

So, ideas?
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