Re: [Fwd: lumiere and nautilus view idea]

Hi Stephane,

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 02:00, Stéphane Konstantaropoulos wrote:
> Anybody has an idea on how to do this?

	Yes - however it needs infrastructural work; it would be nice if a more
generic, pluggable interface could be created to do the mouseover stuff
- so that we can get rid of g_spawn ("mpg123") [etc.] inside nautilus -
which sucks, and get a more mime-type based approach.

	Some thoughts:

	 * the 'note' emblem thing is rather nice to indicate the 
	   mouseover, whatever interface we had would need to be able
	   to shove an alpha pixbuf to be blended over the icon,

	 * we'd want to asynchronously activate a thumbnailing plugin 
	   but not immediately on mouse-over.

	 * it'd perhaps be nice if we could use the icon co-ordinates to
	   temporarily super-pose a canvas ControlFrame widget such that
	   a plugin could render an accelerated video view (or 

	Thinking about it though, I think having a control popup over the icon
is prolly just a lot of pain - better, would be to have a control appear
in the side-bar (much like XP explorer) that would allow you to shuttle
around the video very simply, in minature.

	Either way - the thing to do is start poking at the side-bar, and see
if you can get your control plugged into there asynchronously; to
replace the thumbnail (perhaps) - then we'd need to worry about the UI
issues of telling it that it should behave in tiny-non-menu-merging mode

	Anyway, you need to poke at src/nautilus-information-panel.c which uses
src/nautilus-sidebar-title.c to render the File information; presumably
you could hook into the latter, re-using the
libbonoboui/bonobo/bonobo-widget.h API, and some of the internal
machinery - you could steal that from
src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c around


 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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