Re: Gorilla and North [was Re: toolbar issues]

I think i've been really clear here. If tigert and jimmac want to have
gorrilla and north toolbar icons they should create gtk themes that use
them so all apps can use them. Even if they just take the default and
add toolbar icons to them. That is how the gtk stock icon theming
mechanism that they worked to create is suppose to work. I think it
would be really nice to create a whole gorilla themed desktop not just
nautilus you know...

Regarding icon themes. After reading alex's icon spec, my guess it that
somewhere in the 2.2 to 2.4 time period, nautilus themes will completely
dissapear in favor of more general icon theming mechanism anyway, since
all apps will be able to use them. I hate the fact that nautilus has
different mime icons than evolution which different mime icons than
other apps, it's a source of bugs in the panel and in nautilus (seen it
mentioned more than a few times in bugzila)...Hopefully in the future
you'll just download a generic freedesktop compatible icon theme that
will work with all your apps kde and gnome. Users will love us.


On Wed, 2002-05-22 at 10:45, David Emory Watson wrote:

> Lets forget about "the grand unified theory of UI design" for a moment
> and just focus on one problem:  How do we allow Gorilla and North to do
> what they want to do in the optimum way?
> Problem:
> Gorilla and North are two great themes which have chosen to override the
> toolbar icons in nautilus.  Because they use the nautilus theme
> mechanism instead of the gtk theme mechanism, their custom icons are not
> used on a system wide basis.  This creates inter-application consistency
> problems.  "Slashdot" doesn't like this...
> Solution: 
> 1) Ask Tigert and Jimmac if they give a shit about "web browser"/"file
> manager"/nautilus toolbar icons.  If they say no then we forget about
> this entire fiasco, otherwise goto 2).
> 2) The icon spec. ( and gtk+ already provide the
> ability to install system wide icon themes.  It remains to convert
> Gorilla and North to use that mechanism when installing their toolbar
> icons.  This way, icons are consistent across the entire desktop, but
> theme designers can still create "browser" themes if they desire.
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