Re: toolbar issues

lets take this a little further why not just let any app choose which
gtk theme it uses, i could use aqua in nautilus, thinice in galeon,
raleigh in evolution. Hell let me choose each stock icon individually,
even better provide a ui to change the look of each and every widget per

As always there is a tradeoff. I think most the ui guys would argue that
desktop consistency is more important to the vast majority of users than
the ability to tweak every little thing is to the few power users.


On Tue, 2002-05-21 at 11:53, David Emory Watson wrote:
> Again (this has come up in previous ui discussions) we are talking about
> two kinds of consistency...
> 1) When I say consistency I mean that evolution may not look the same as
> nautilus (their themes may even clash, or not "match", oh my!).  This is
> what I want.
> 2) When you say consistency you mean that the forward action always has
> the same forward icon.
> I agree with you on 2), but that's not what I've been talking about....

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