Re: nautilus volume monitor patch

On 22 May 2002, Bastien Nocera wrote:

> Hi,
> I cooked up a small patch to fix up a couple of problems I had with
> volume handling in nautilus:
> - device with mount point "/mnt/backup/" showing up as an empty menu
> item in the devices list
> - added a couple of filesystems to the list (probably to back off and
> add up post-2.0), and changed smb to smbfs
> - added a couple of device types (so that people could add "windows" and
> "mac" types of icons for HD) and use the already quite popular i-smb
> icon
> - make the "new window on mount" behaviour use the new magicdev options
> (ie. use gconf, not gnome_config).

+	} else if (strcmp (file_system_type_name, "nfs") == 0) {
 		ok = mount_volume_nfs_add (volume);
+		volume->is_removable = FALSE;
+		return TRUE;

This ignores the ok return value.

@@ -1869,24 +1890,40 @@
 nautilus_volume_monitor_get_mount_name_for_display (NautilusVolumeMonitor *monitor,
 						    const NautilusVolume *volume)
-	const char *name, *found_name;
+	const char *found_name;
+	char *name, *stripped = NULL;
We don't initialize variables in the declaration.

 } else {
-		return g_strdup (name);
+		char *retval;
+		retval = g_strdup (name);
+		g_free (stripped);
+		return retval;

All variable declarations go at the start of the function.

+		icon_name = "i-smb";
+		break;
If we do this we should ship with an i-smb icon.

The filesystems strings added aren't very visible, so i think we 
can sneak those past the release team. (/me ducks)

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