Re: PATCH: remove favorites .desktop file, add stock trash icon make help correct

On 1 May 2002, Dave Bordoley wrote:

> A couple patches here:
> 1. Removes the favorites .desktop file, cuz it doesn't work. In the
> future it would be nice to have mac os style favorites, but for now we
> should punt it and just remove the .desktop file from the build.
> 2. Add gtk stock delete icon to "more to trash" in the popups and menus
> 3. Removes nautilus quick references, changes "nautilus user manual" to
> "Contents" add's the F1 shortcut and changes the tooltip a bit.

I don't know what you do with your patches, but they seem to often not 
have a trailing return, which means they won't apply. Dunno how that 

Anyway, i'm applying these. I don't like 1. since i thing we're losing 
functionallity, and nobody knows why favorites has disappeared.

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