Re: PATCH: remove favorites .desktop file, add stock trash icon make help correct

Perhaps in the future the favorites dir could have some included sub
folders eg. bookmarks for web locations that could launch galeon (this
would be nice since we could have gnomewide bookmarks), Applications,
network locations(for ftp, ssh, webdav)..sounds like an intereting idea
to at least think about.


On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 21:22, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> I had started working on a program called "gbookmarks" last year, before
> my company went under. The idea was to make a bonobo control that could
> be used as the "favorites" or "bookmarks" or "last used" list in a
> variety of programs, and also live as an applet in a gnome panel. Each
> application using the control could register its own bookmarks
> namespace, and optionally see other programs' bookmarks. Dragging and
> dropping items to the panel applet (or control embedded in other
> programs) would add a bookmark. It would all be stored in xbel format.
> I should probably resurrect it... it might be useful to use in
> Galeon/Nautilus/Panel/Evolution. It would be cool to be able to bookmark
> an important message/note/calendar item in Evo, and refer to it later
> using the panel menu: favorites... evo... notes... (item), which opens
> the item.

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