Re: PATCH: remove favorites .desktop file, add stock trash icon make help correct

On 2 May 2002, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 01:00, Alex Larsson wrote:
>     Favourites used to be a global list of apps that you often used, exposed 
>     in the panel menu and later also in nautilus using favorites:. We have 
>     nothing to replace this with, and doing a bookmarks: view with only the 
>     nautilus bookmarks is a) hard, because that code is nautilus-specific, and 
>     we need it in gnome-vfs, b) somewhat silly, since i think Nautilus 
>     bookmars are pretty useless.
> Maybe you are right. On the other hand, on OSX you can add anything to
> favorites, so it can be a "box of often needed things" - not just
> applications or files or folders, but all of those. Like, mine could
> have Gimp launcher, Pictures folder, Abiword, Documents folder and a
> link to my digital photos folder in the NFS server. Of course I could
> also link them to the desktop, or into some folder on the desktop. Or
> just bookmark them. But looks like favorites code is sort of rotting
> away anyway - it does not work too well here, and there are no menus to
> "add to favorites" so favorites: seem to be rather useless at this
> state.

Yeah. I would like this. But I would not like my huge mess of webbrowser 
bookmarks among these. This is bascially the old favorites concept. I 
still haven't heard any official sounding ack that we intentionally 
removed that.

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