Re: [Nautilus-list] Bug #42825, IDE device names in hardware view....

Seems most of the votes are leaning toward "dismemberment". 

However I would agree that this could be a really nice feature/view if
maintained and enhanced a little. I certainly would love to give it a
go. It would be a good place for me to get my bearings with Nautilus.
However I don't want to waste my efforts if it's not going to be in the
longterm feature list.

To sum up, as the Hardware View stands, it's useless. You have to type
in the URI to get to it and it only displays a small amount of info. 
If maintained and updated it could be a lovely feature (I felt all warm
when I first saw the view when Nautilus went public). I'm prepared to
take it on if the community isn't quite ready to give up on it.

Glen Gray             Software Engineer
a n t e f a c t o     t: +353 1 8586006     f: +353 1 8586014
181 Parnell Street - Dublin 1 - Ireland

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