Re: slow URI latency issue ...

On 04Jun2002 10:14AM (-0400), dave wrote:
> Yeah i'd really like to use nautilus as an ftp client and basically two
> issues keep me from doing so:
> 1. vfs doesn't appear to support the nautilus login dialog for non-anon
> ftp. (unlike webdav)

It should not be too hard to copy parts of the auth callback code from
the http method. If you do that, the nautilus login dialog will work
for free. (This should not be done until after 2.0.0, of course).
> 2. even if i manually enter the url loading of ftp sites seems to take
> ages and well just kind of dies on me (i suspect vfs is also probably at
> fault here)

Part of the problem here is making too many control connections
instead of trying to recycle one (or maybe some small number) per

Another problem is that the attributes that nautilus will result in a
separate round trip for every file, in addition to the basic
list. Someone could look into why this happens and see if there is a
way to avoid it.

 - Maciej

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