Re: start-here page's icons

<quote who="Vadim Plessky">

> |  Indeed actually all default GNOME icons are PNG, isn't it?
> I hope this will be changed in the future :-)
> SVG is the way to go, IMO.

SVG is generally inappropriate for icons because, whilst they scale up very
well, they do not scale down in an appropriate manner (nor contain pixel
hints). If we were to go with SVG icons, we'd have to provide PNG formats
for 16x16 through to at least 36x36.

> Probably, I have to wait GNOME 2.2 and pray that it woul dbe more stable
> :-) Is it on track (for Jan. 2003) or delayed?

On schedule, running like clockwork.

- Jeff

  "Linux continues to have almost as much soul as James Brown." - Forrest   
                                 Cook, LWN                                  

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