Re: start-here page's icons

Il dom, 2002-12-08 alle 10:12, Vadim Plessky ha scritto:

> Hi  Luca!


> I am wondering why you don't want to make those icons in SVG?
> Current Sodipodi is quite good and handy for design of icons.

Simple: it's just a cut and paste from some already existing icons:-)
        * desktop-config.png uses current desktop icon from
          gnome-desktop package and simply adds the wrench.
        * network-config.png uses current "web" emblem from
          gnome-icon-theme (scaled from 36x36 to 48x48) + wrench 
        * Finally system-config.png uses... oh, sorry, ideally I've to
          use same "system tool" menu entry icon, but I used a slight
          different one from jimmac... sorry
        * wrench comes from jimmac too. (I use as configuration emblem
          in nautilus so... BTW try to add the wrench to emblems and use
          in in start-here:// page ;-)

Indeed actually all default GNOME icons are PNG, isn't it?

> BTW: Idea behind desktop-config is quite good, but I am confused about 
> nautilus-start-here.
> Why do you use Globe for this icon?

No, sorry: nautilus-start-here.xcf is just the "source". Show/Hide
layers and make other png files...


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