Re: [Nautilus-list] re: Desktop folder (again)

I tried the home = desktop option in Nautilus for a few weeks and found
that in practice home != desktop. Because GNOME (the desktop being
represented by Nautilus) and its affiliated applications are a mere
subset of the Linux application pantheon, the fact is that many
non-gnome apps use the home directory in a way that makes "home =
desktop" a serious inconvenience. KMail will not change its default mail
directory for Nautilus. Sun will not change the JRE plugin tracefile
location for Nautilus. KDE will not change the location of the "Desktop"
folder for Nautilus. WindowMaker will not change the location of its
GNUstep folder for Nautilus. Having some hack mask which has Nautilus
"hard code" these as invisible is less than good. 

You probably get the point I am trying to make; specifically that the
GNOME desktop should be implemented in a way that "plays nice" with all
the non-GNOME apps which were written with the assumption that home !=
desktop in mind. Before some decision is made on how the desktop
location is implemented, _please_ test this with a range of users
(specifically people who are not developers). Then run it past the GNOME
usability guys.


> Well you guys did convince me home as desktop is the way to go. :)

> dave

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