[Nautilus-list] Setting MIME types via script: HOW-TO needed.

Could someone tell me how to set user-level (and system level too) MIME
associations NON-interactively? I need to write a post-install RPM
script that would register the newly installed application in the
nautilus MIME database. 

It seems that some obscure prog called "gconftool" is able to do this
but there is no documentation whatsoever. Its brief help output is good
for nothing in my case because I do not posess the arcane knowledge of
GConf developers.

Can you point out a working shell example of adding a nautilus MIME
type/modifying one? Old GMC mime-info does not seem to work anymore.
Please, help!  

I use nautilus 1.0.6/Gnome 1.4, if this matters.

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