Re: [Nautilus-list] re: Desktop folder (again)

Le mer 03/04/2002 à 13:20, Marten Payne a écrit :
> You probably get the point I am trying to make; specifically that the
> GNOME desktop should be implemented in a way that "plays nice" with all
> the non-GNOME apps which were written with the assumption that home !=
> desktop in mind. Before some decision is made on how the desktop
> location is implemented, _please_ test this with a range of users
> (specifically people who are not developers). Then run it past the GNOME
> usability guys.

So we need a way to hide a subset of files in the desktop view.

Why not use a special "Hide in desktop view" emblem. This emblem would
cause a file to not be displayed in the desktop view, but be still
visible in the list/icon view in the nautilus window.

That means, when you want to hide a file in the desktop view, you drop
the special emblem on it.
If you want the file to come back on the desktop view, you open a
nautilus window pointing to the desktop directory and remove the special



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