Re: [Nautilus-list] re: Desktop folder (again)

On Sat, 2002-03-30 at 12:14, Ben Ford wrote:
    And another thing that I have noticed here a lot.  Calling something a 
    legacy app doesn't make it go away and it in no way makes what you are 
    creating superior to it.  People have been doing things a certain way 
    since long before many of us were even born.  What makes you think they 
    are all going to obligingly change their ways of working because you 
    decide on it?

That is exactly why I like to avoid having a separate desktop dir. Since
I like to drag and drop stuff around (from nautilus to Gimp for example)
it makes a ton more sense if everything defaults saving to the same

Speaking of "legacy", console and whatnot apps, those things also dont
usually do drag-and-drop. I dont want to have a different filesystem
view depending if I look at it from the shell or from GUI/DND point of
view. Thus it makes very much sense to have no distinction between
desktop and home. Both separate desktop dir and the "HOME == desktop"
have issues involved, this is not a perfect world. Plus we have people
who are very used to working in a certain way and get very annoyed if
some program tries to change that.

Oh well, time for sleep.


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