Re: [Nautilus-list] How to create a new file through nautilus?

On Wed, 30 May 2001, R. Russell Geldmacher wrote:

> > How about, then, something similar to the scripts directory in which we
> > can place blank "templates" of the docs we want.  I (as a user) could add
> > a blank abiword or gnumeric or text file there and have it show up on the
> > "new file" sub-menu.  Nautilus would then copy the file over, making sure
> > the name was unique.
> >
> > Is something like this in the works?

> that gave me an idea (forgive me if someone has brought this up).  how
> about instead of when you right click and there's a "Scripts" sub menu,
> each directory under the Scripts directory is a top-level menu choice?
> then you can have a directory under Scripts called "Create New" which in
> turn has scripts to create new abiword, gnumeric, whatever files.. so
> where right nw you may have in the conext menu:

Which brings up a problem, I think, at least as far as the "new" feature.
One (perhaps easy) solution to the need for a "new file" problem is to
allow the scripts menu to appear when you click on the blank space of a
nautilus content pane.  You could pass the name of the current folder to
the chosen script.  Then I could write my own "make new abiword doc"
script and have to move a template to the right place.

As of now, to do this I have to back up one directory, right click on the
folder where I want to put the new file, and run a script from there.

This is not an ease-of-use feature, eh?

YET ANOTHER WAY would be to have a list pane (like Tree/News/History) with
templates or empty docs we could then grab and drag over when we need
something new. ;)

I guess maybe I could co from cvs and see if I could hack around.  Never
done something like that before.  What makes me nervous is all the support
libs and so on.  Actually, I'm talking myself into jumping into this great
unknown. :)

ANYWAY, would it be possible to allow access to the script menu from the
blank part of the content pane?  If no object is chosen, it's assumed the
parent object (ie, parent folder) is passed to the script?


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