Re: [Nautilus-list] How to create a new file through nautilus?

> How about, then, something similar to the scripts directory in which we
> can place blank "templates" of the docs we want.  I (as a user) could add
> a blank abiword or gnumeric or text file there and have it show up on the
> "new file" sub-menu.  Nautilus would then copy the file over, making sure
> the name was unique.
> Is something like this in the works?

that gave me an idea (forgive me if someone has brought this up).  how
about instead of when you right click and there's a "Scripts" sub menu,
each directory under the Scripts directory is a top-level menu choice?
then you can have a directory under Scripts called "Create New" which in
turn has scripts to create new abiword, gnumeric, whatever files.. so
where right nw you may have in the conext menu:

| Open         |
| Open with... |
| Rename       |
| (etc..)      |
| Scripts    ->||============|
|==============|| All your   |
                | script     |
                | files..    |

you could have a directory structure like:

  /File Actions
  /Create New
  /Image Utils

and it will show up like:

| Open           |
| Open with...   |
| Rename         |
| (etc..)        |
| File Actions ->|
| Create New   ->|
| Image Utils  ->|

this could be an extention of the work being done for the multiple level
scripts menu that was posted here a few days ago..
besides, to a newbie, the word "Scripts" may mean absolutely nothing and
this might clear things up a little.

now, a problem might be that this is tough to internationalize, but i stil
lthink it would be useful...


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