Re: [Nautilus-list] rss feeds

I really like the idea of pulled news feeds - they are really cool.  And
so far the implementation for them is pretty cool.  But, perhaps, in
future versions of nautilus, would this type of thing make more sense
somewhere else?

The first time I heard of the news feeds was as a "smart icon" on the
desktop, that could contain things like RSS feeds, or print queue stuff,
or any number of things.  That is probably really long-term, as it
sounds pretty complicated, but incredibly cool.  

A simpler, and perhaps nice way of making feeds available to the user
could be integrating a "News" Submenu into the foot menu.  That submenu
would contain submenus for each feed that you are subscribed to.
Perhaps this could be there in addition to being a sidebar panel?  My
reasoning is this:  RSS kicks ass because you don't have to go to the
site and wait for it to load to see if there are any articles that
interest you.  But, as it stands in both mozilla and nautilus, you have
to open the application (which takes a little bit of time) to check the
newsfeed to see if there is any reason for you to have opened the
application in the first place.  Having them in menu items (and
eventually icons) is a really fast way of checking if there is anything
worth reading.  Clicking it opens Nautilus, and from then on you can use
the sidebar to check on other feeds of interest.

Anyway, that's just a thought.  But it would be pretty cool....

Also, as for having a bunch of little RSS files to add more feeds, that
seems kind of wrong-headed.  Why not just have a website/db that the
News Sidebar's configuration thing uses to show you what options you
have?  Isn't this kind of the point of Reef (which looks very cool, by
the way)?  It seems like it would be a good, simple proof-of-concept
Reef service bundle, and it would be genuinely useful.


On 03 May 2001 10:05:20 -1100, Jon Allen wrote:
> >>Hi Ben,
> >>
> >>It sounds like Jon Allen is also interested in helping out with this,
> >>so I'm bringing
> >>this thread on-list.
> >>
> >>Yes, it'd be great if users could just click on a link in the
> >>directory to add a news
> >>feed.  Is that easy to do?  Can the sample code be made to work with
> >>Nautilus
> >>somehow?  Is that something you want to help with?
> >>
> >
> >As a different approach than the javascript snippet I posted earlier,
> >we could create a mimetype. (application/nautilus-rss?) and simply
> >make small xml files like:
> >
> ><?xml version="1.0"?>
> ><rss_news_channels>
> >   <rss_channel name="Advogato"
> >uri=";
> ><> show="false" open="false"/>
> ></rss_news_channels>
> >
> >and put a handler within Nautilus that would add these to the news
> >feed file.  You could do personal or global install and it would use a
> >suid helper app to install globally after prompting for root password.
> >
> >-b
> This sounds good.  Another idea: 'Add to News Sites' context menu item in 
> View as Web Page - user right-clicks on news-feed link and selects 'Add to 
> News Sites', Nautilus automagically adds to local list.
> Regarding suggestion in previous post - I think this 
> will be very helpful.  Themes, rss feeds, etc. would be ideal content for 
> such a site.
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