Re: [Nautilus-list] mac-like cdrom

Dragging disks to the trash to eject or unmount has long been considered by
many people a mistake in the early Macintosh that was never changed. Since
the Trash is usually used for deleting, dragging a disk there to unmount it
(as opposed to erasing it) muddles the meaning of the Trash. I don't think
we should repeat that mistake here, even though many people are used to the
behavior now.


on 5/3/01 1:55 PM, Don Melton at don eazel com wrote:

> I don't really think we want to use the Mac metaphor for unmounting or
> ejecting removable media.  Perhaps some of our Apple alumni at Eazel can
> speak more eloquently on the problems there.
> On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 11:54:57AM -0400, joshua k wrote:
>> Just an idea, i would like dragging the cdrom to the trashcan to act
>> like it does on a mac... well in this case instead of ejecting it, it
>> would unmount it (and i guess it ejects it too).
>> One other small thing: If you highlight a few files you cannot select
>> open with...
>> In konquerer (way back when i used that) if you select several files you
>> can choose to open them all with one program. I would use this for
>> opening a group of mp3s into xchat and all of them would get queued up.
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