[Nautilus-list] rss feeds

Hi Ben,

It sounds like Jon Allen is also interested in helping out with this,
so I'm bringing
this thread on-list.

Yes, it'd be great if users could just click on a link in the
directory to add a news
feed.  Is that easy to do?  Can the sample code be made to work with
somehow?  Is that something you want to help with?

As a different approach than the javascript snippet I posted earlier,
we could create a mimetype. (application/nautilus-rss?) and simply
make small xml files like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <rss_channel name="Advogato"
<http://advogato.org/rss/articles.xml> show="false" open="false"/>

and put a handler within Nautilus that would add these to the news
feed file.  You could do personal or global install and it would use a
suid helper app to install globally after prompting for root password.


This sounds good. Another idea: 'Add to News Sites' context menu item in View as Web Page - user right-clicks on news-feed link and selects 'Add to News Sites', Nautilus automagically adds to local list.

Regarding nautilus.themes.org suggestion in previous post - I think this will be very helpful. Themes, rss feeds, etc. would be ideal content for such a site.
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