Re: [Nautilus-list] rss feeds

I agree.  It'd be great to be able to see scrolling Headlines in a panel applet
(as in the SlashApp applet), but it'd also be great to be able to just drop a
RSS feed on the desktop and have it live there as dynamic content.  Andy mocked
something like that up a while ago.


Ryan Muldoon wrote:

> I really like the idea of pulled news feeds - they are really cool.  And
> so far the implementation for them is pretty cool.  But, perhaps, in
> future versions of nautilus, would this type of thing make more sense
> somewhere else?
> The first time I heard of the news feeds was as a "smart icon" on the
> desktop, that could contain things like RSS feeds, or print queue stuff,
> or any number of things.  That is probably really long-term, as it
> sounds pretty complicated, but incredibly cool.
> A simpler, and perhaps nice way of making feeds available to the user
> could be integrating a "News" Submenu into the foot menu.  That submenu
> would contain submenus for each feed that you are subscribed to.
> Perhaps this could be there in addition to being a sidebar panel?  My
> reasoning is this:  RSS kicks ass because you don't have to go to the
> site and wait for it to load to see if there are any articles that
> interest you.  But, as it stands in both mozilla and nautilus, you have
> to open the application (which takes a little bit of time) to check the
> newsfeed to see if there is any reason for you to have opened the
> application in the first place.  Having them in menu items (and
> eventually icons) is a really fast way of checking if there is anything
> worth reading.  Clicking it opens Nautilus, and from then on you can use
> the sidebar to check on other feeds of interest.
> Anyway, that's just a thought.  But it would be pretty cool....
> Also, as for having a bunch of little RSS files to add more feeds, that
> seems kind of wrong-headed.  Why not just have a website/db that the
> News Sidebar's configuration thing uses to show you what options you
> have?  Isn't this kind of the point of Reef (which looks very cool, by
> the way)?  It seems like it would be a good, simple proof-of-concept
> Reef service bundle, and it would be genuinely useful.
>     --Ryan
> On 03 May 2001 10:05:20 -1100, Jon Allen wrote:
> > >>Hi Ben,
> > >>
> > >>It sounds like Jon Allen is also interested in helping out with this,
> > >>so I'm bringing
> > >>this thread on-list.
> > >>
> > >>Yes, it'd be great if users could just click on a link in the
> > >>directory to add a news
> > >>feed.  Is that easy to do?  Can the sample code be made to work with
> > >>Nautilus
> > >>somehow?  Is that something you want to help with?
> > >>
> > >
> > >As a different approach than the javascript snippet I posted earlier,
> > >we could create a mimetype. (application/nautilus-rss?) and simply
> > >make small xml files like:
> > >
> > ><?xml version="1.0"?>
> > ><rss_news_channels>
> > >   <rss_channel name="Advogato"
> > >uri=";
> > ><> show="false" open="false"/>
> > ></rss_news_channels>
> > >
> > >and put a handler within Nautilus that would add these to the news
> > >feed file.  You could do personal or global install and it would use a
> > >suid helper app to install globally after prompting for root password.
> > >
> > >-b
> >
> > This sounds good.  Another idea: 'Add to News Sites' context menu item in
> > View as Web Page - user right-clicks on news-feed link and selects 'Add to
> > News Sites', Nautilus automagically adds to local list.
> >
> > Regarding suggestion in previous post - I think this
> > will be very helpful.  Themes, rss feeds, etc. would be ideal content for
> > such a site.
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