Re: [Nautilus-list] collecting scripts/RSS uris

Wouldn't some forms-based db on a web server be much better than a
mailing list?  Even something simple like the MyYahoo bookmarks
mechanism.  There's got to be a fropen source Apache module to do
something like this.

/me goes to search on freshmeat ...

This sounds good, but how exactly would it work?

My Example usage:
1. user visits page
2. user adds rss feed (feed uri, name, suggested category?) via form
3. server db adds uri:
  a. checks for duplicate first
  b. verifies uri (we'll only add valid rss feeds)
     (prompts user if uri is invalid?)
  c. adds uri in category, updates list


If we use categories, rss feeds could easily endup miscategorized by submitter. Or we could ditch categories, providing list sorted alphabetically, most popular, etc. I prefer the Categories idea.
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