Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

Adam Zolkover wrote:

What is flame bait is not the speed issue, it's the HTML issue.  It's
obviously going to cause an argument (everybody has their preferences)
and it's not a productive argument (not being about Nautilus).  Anyway,
there's no use getting irate over any of it.  Why don't we make nice and
move on.

Thanks for the distinction. Please be aware that I didn't participate in the HTML flamefest other than a single response stating my position on HTML mail clearly.


PS - by the way, thanks for the speed comparison.  I for one found it
very interresting.

Glad to help. When 1.0.4 is available, I will re-bench it. (I don't have the time to build it myself) I'll also post a link to results rather than inlining them. (everybody happy?)


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