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Ben Ford <ben kalifornia com> writes:

> Adam Zolkover wrote:
> >Who are you and why don't you show a little bit of respect.  One of the
> >reasons that I'm on this list is because it's mostly constructive
> >criticism on topic.  I like that and I want to participate in it.  This
> >is off topic and flame bait.  So could you tone it down just a little
> >bit?  Thanks a lot.
> >
> It is flame bait to say that it is slow?  HELLO . . . .   It is off
> topic to want to improve it?  WTF are you on?
> I was requested to give a speed comparison of nautilus and Konqueror.
> I did so, and Konqueror whipped nautilus's ass quite handily.  I was
> then told that my numbers didn't matter because the version in
> development was faster.  Well, I am terribly sorry, but THE LATEST
> AVAILABLE VERSION is dog slow.  What version do you think that 98% of
> all the nautilus users are using?  Do you think they update cvs
> nightly?
> Here's a recap of the discussion.
> me:  Nautilus needs to be faster.  Konqueror is much faster.
> seth:  Please give more information.
> me:  (provides a chart of speed comparisons and machine specs)
> Gaute Lindkvist:  Well the unreleased 1.0.4 is faster, so those
> numbers are invalid + "I hate HTML rant"
> several other people:  off topic html argument.
> me:  It is only fair to compare released versions + "I'm sorry, but
> HTML makes tables work"
> So where's the flame?  What is the harm in reminding developers that
> flashy and pretty might be nice but nobody will use it if it's this
> slow?  Where is the disrespect?
> Here's some disrespect:  Pull your head out of your ass and realize
> that NAUTILUS IS SLOW and won't get faster if nobody cares.

You just contradicted yourself, quoting you some line above :

I was then told that my numbers didn't matter because the 
version in development was faster.

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