Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

Gaute Lindkvist wrote:

First of all, I apologize for just sending a pretty inflamatory response,
that came out of a moment of hot-headedness (if that is an expression).

np, I think you misunderstood something meant as lightheartedness ;)

The reason my response (the one about speed) was relevant, is that you
started the discussion by stating that Nautilus is dog slow, and that
something should be done about it, as Konqueror is much faster.
My response was to tell you that it is already being worked on, and lots
of stuff has already been fixed, so you should probably sleep easier
knowing that people are on it, or have fixed it.

My big issue with speed here is that it seems that every time someone brings up Nautilus's sluggishness they are basically told to bugger off. Not long ago someone made the helpful remark that speed and efficiency should be the number one priority and he was told what amounted to "go away, we know what we're doing." (stated more politely of course)

This concerns me, and it is the main reason why I don't use Nautilus anymore.

Now.. the latest release is 1.0.3. But your whole comment was suggestions
on making Nautilus better for the future, and thus the development-version
is relevant, because that is the future.

Yes, very true. Do keep in mind, however, that users are exposed to the latest available version. Nautilus already has a reputation for being slow. If that gets too far, then there is a big job in PR ahead ;)

And again, sorry for getting carried away.

np, I did too.


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