Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Goals

> >The only areas I know of where Konqueror is significantly faster is
> >opening new windows and memory usage. Nautilus currently opens new
> >directories, particularly large ones, significantly faster, copies files
> >faster (barely, but a little), loads web pages marginally faster (this is
> >really attributable to mozilla 0.9.1, but whatever).... If Nautilus
> >performs slower on your machine in particular areas, I would really
> >appreciate a message with your machine specs and stopwatch timings on
> >specific operations.
> >
> >Saying "Konqueror is faster" doesn't help much at all...
> >
> OK, how bout if I say "Konqueror is MUCH faster"?

I'm not a developer of Nautilus, but having almost all versions from the
early preview releases to the latest CVS, I think I can take som burden
off the developers by answering this.
The benchmarks you show to, are no longer relevant. The speed-increases in
what will be Nautilus 1.0.4, is so extreme, that these have to be retaken,
and I actually think it yield the opposite results. I'm not saying there
isn't still room for speed-increases (and they are being done), but it
really is much faster now.

> Sorry for the HTML, but I tire of pandering to the "I can't take HTML
> even tho it makes life so much easier" crowd.

This one, I take offense to.. REALLY. You are risking that people don't
bother to reply at all. My email-client does not show HTML that well, and
your mail is mostly cruft because of this. Please stay off HTML when
replying to mailing-lists. I read this list in digest-mode, and it looked
Please remember that while it makes _your_ life easier, it makes _lots_ of
peoples lives more difficult.

Gaute Lindkvist

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