Re: [Nautilus-list] Setting the background.

On 18 Jun 2001 12:25:33 -0700, Ramiro Estrugo wrote:
> > "Govind S. Salinas" wrote:
> > 
> > Hi.  I'm writing a gnome appelt that sets the desktop backgound
> > (slideshow and some other stuff).  It worked fine under gnome without
> > nautilus but with nautilus drawing the background it does nothing.
> >  Are there additional X atoms i need to set or is there some way of
> > telling nautilus what background i want it to use?
> > 
> > Any help will be appreciated.
> > 
> > Thank You.
> > 
> Nautilus is backward compatible with the "old" GNOME desktop background
> capplet to certain extent.  We read the gnome_config settings written
> out by this capplet in Nautilus.
> The code to do this lives in:
> So if your applet writes out the same settings as the Control Center
> background capplet, then it should work.
> And yes, part of the process is to listed for changes in the
> "ESETROOT_PMAP_ID" and "_XROOTPMAP_ID" properties on the root window.
> -re
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I have set these atoms, and they work when nautilus is not drawing the background.

As for setting the gnome_config Background/Default/wallpapers setting, this does not work well for me.
I manipulate the image before drawing it.  I det the size or tile it  how i think is approriate.  If there is NO way to
pass the image I create then I will have to find a way to work with this (a /tmp file perhaps).  Ideally I would like to
pass a reference it nautilus of the image or set something in X like the above atoms.
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