Re: [Nautilus-list] Setting the background.

> "Govind S. Salinas" wrote:
> Hi.  I'm writing a gnome appelt that sets the desktop backgound
> (slideshow and some other stuff).  It worked fine under gnome without
> nautilus but with nautilus drawing the background it does nothing.
>  Are there additional X atoms i need to set or is there some way of
> telling nautilus what background i want it to use?
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Thank You.

Nautilus is backward compatible with the "old" GNOME desktop background
capplet to certain extent.  We read the gnome_config settings written
out by this capplet in Nautilus.

The code to do this lives in:

So if your applet writes out the same settings as the Control Center
background capplet, then it should work.

And yes, part of the process is to listed for changes in the
"ESETROOT_PMAP_ID" and "_XROOTPMAP_ID" properties on the root window.


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