Re: [Nautilus-list] Slow and excessive redrawing

Some of the duplicate redrawing you are seeing is simply bugs.

Recently, Alex Larsson has fixed some bugs to make at the redrawing of
the sidebar better, so you will see that fix in Nautilus 1.0.4.  The
image view triple display is definately a bug.  You are welcome to file
these as bugs in

Unfortunately, working well in a remote display scenario was not one of
the primary goals of Nautilus.  My gut feeling tells me that there is
not one magical thing you could "fix" to make this better.  What you
probably have to do is use Nautilus consistenly over a remote display
and "fix" the most annoying problem one at a time.

At very least finding and filing the top problems in this area is a good
thing to do - something you have started with this mail.


Loris Santamaria wrote:
> For me, one of the biggest problems in Nautilus, the one which makes
> Nautilus feel 'slow', is painting/repainting of its components. Right now
> I'm using it on a remote display on a 10Mbps network, and while all of the
> other X apps I use (including mozilla) work almost as fast as on a local
> display, Nautilus is too sluggish for normal use. (Oh, and I'm not using
> antialiasing, with it Nautilus is unusable)
> On a local display you won't notice the redrawing so much, but it still
> contributes to the perceived speed of the application.
> See, when I open an image the image viewer component redraws the image
> THREE times! why? Then, when I go back to my home directory, the left pane
> redraws two times with the old contents, my directory is shown on the
> right, and then the left pane redraws a third time.
> Scrolling speed in List View is acceptable, but in Icon View it feels very
> slow...
> Now try this (on a remote display): Open another application, say gcalc,
> and move its window quickly over a mozilla window: you'll see some trails
> but mozilla redraws them very fast... now move the same window over a
> Nautilus window, and you'll see a lot of trails, and redraw is slooow....
> There is any chance to see these redrawing issues addressed in future
> releases (ok, excluding 1.0.4)? I really like Nautilus, and I would like
> to be able to use it for everyday use, even on a diskless workstation.
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