[Nautilus-list] banner/ad in your site --- Shredder

In a couple of weeks we are starting to market a low-priced, easy to
use software that allows your clients to delete unwanted files forever.

We concluded that your site(s) and visitors are right for the banner that
leads to our download site. 

You can check the software out by going to our site at 
At the top of the site You will find a link  ("Webmasters make money") that
leads to information you need to start earning money with us.

For this we will reimburse you, once every month, the customary ($ 0.04)
per blind click. If you have other suggestions concerning the payment,
like profit-sharing, we are sure that we can find ways to match them.
If this proposal is of interest please let us know as soon as possible.
Also let us know the name and URL of the site where the banner would appear
and your estimate of the number of monthly visitors.

The minimum sum that we pay is $25.

If we have reached the wrong person in your organization, please forward
this mail or tell us who we should re-send it to.

Best wishes,
Arte Ermel

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