[Nautilus-list] Slow and excessive redrawing

For me, one of the biggest problems in Nautilus, the one which makes
Nautilus feel 'slow', is painting/repainting of its components. Right now
I'm using it on a remote display on a 10Mbps network, and while all of the
other X apps I use (including mozilla) work almost as fast as on a local
display, Nautilus is too sluggish for normal use. (Oh, and I'm not using
antialiasing, with it Nautilus is unusable)

On a local display you won't notice the redrawing so much, but it still
contributes to the perceived speed of the application.

See, when I open an image the image viewer component redraws the image
THREE times! why? Then, when I go back to my home directory, the left pane
redraws two times with the old contents, my directory is shown on the
right, and then the left pane redraws a third time.

Scrolling speed in List View is acceptable, but in Icon View it feels very

Now try this (on a remote display): Open another application, say gcalc,
and move its window quickly over a mozilla window: you'll see some trails
but mozilla redraws them very fast... now move the same window over a
Nautilus window, and you'll see a lot of trails, and redraw is slooow....

There is any chance to see these redrawing issues addressed in future
releases (ok, excluding 1.0.4)? I really like Nautilus, and I would like
to be able to use it for everyday use, even on a diskless workstation.

Loris Santamaria                          Network Administrator
X-Net Telecomunicaciones, S.A.               Linux User # 70506

"Linux is so fast it can execute an infinite loop in 5 seconds"

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