Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: bug in Mozilla 0.9.1

"R. Russell Geldmacher" wrote:
> this has been suggested on this list before, but a solution would be to
> ditch mozilla and put the lighter-weight gtkhtml in there to browse
> simple html pages. i don't need a full-featured web browser in my file
> manager.
> rusty

Im sorry but you are confusing 2 separate issues.

Im talking only about the issue of documenting what Mozilla works best
with the Nautilus mozilla component in its current state at this point
in time.

. . .

Whether to use mozilla or gtkhtml for web browsing in Nautilus is a
separate flame fest, but something that is irrelevant until someone
makes one of these components really good.  Both have strong points;
neither one right now is at a really usable stage.

The way to make either of these components good is to pick one you care
about and polish it, add features and fix bugs.

To decree that either one is *the* way for Nautilus *might* (or might
not) be the right political move for the Nautilus team, but is
completely without substance if someone doesn't write code to make one

So no, "ditching mozilla and put a lightweight gtkhtml" is not a
"solution."  Its just a statement.

A solution would be for someone (Ian has started this) to enhance
nautilus-gtkhtml such that it is so compelling that the users of
Nautilus demand it and it simply becomes the defacto standard component
for web content.

Same is true for the Mozilla component or course.

I also think that having the flame fest would not be too useful.  We
could even agree that Mozilla is just too evil, and we would still be
nowhere if no one makes nautilus-gtkhtml better.

Broken record: someone write the code to make one of these components
excellent and then we can talk.


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