Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: bug in Mozilla 0.9.1

> I think its beyond unfortunate that there are diverging versions of
> Mozilla RPMS floating around.  Maybe we should update the README to
> account for this and tell users to obtain their Mozilla from the same
> vendor that provides their OS.
> Of course this gets even more complicated as Ximian is not really an OS
> vendor but has their own GNOME distribution.
> I wish I had the right answer for you Dan, but im confused as well.  I
> changed the README after trying Mozilla 0.9.1 and making sure it was
> source and binary compatible with Nautilus, and of course that it

this has been suggested on this list before, but a solution would be to
ditch mozilla and put the lighter-weight gtkhtml in there to browse
simple html pages. i don't need a full-featured web browser in my file


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