Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: bug in Mozilla 0.9.1

Alexander Skwar wrote:

> Yes, that would be the best solution.  Granted, Nautilus is a file manager
> and thus watching some local HTML files is somewhat nice.  But I don't need
> a browser integrated into the file manager.  Ditching mozilla support would
> (I suppose) make the code base smaller.
> I'm in favor of dumping mozilla.
> Alexander Skwar

The nautilus-mozilla component in Nautilus is tiny by comparison with
almost all other parts of Nautilus, icons for example.  So that would
only make the code base smaller by an insignificant amount.

And, since Nautilus is well componetized, if you never load the mozilla
component, you never suffer the wrath of the beast on your computer

Also, you are mistaken to think that "solving" this problem requires
dumping stuff.  Certainly making either of the web browsing components
better requires writing the code to do so and probably a lot of code. 
User's expectations of that even the simplest of web browsers should do
are very high. 


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