Re: [Nautilus-list] hidden files bug

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:

> On Tuesday, June 12, 2001, at 09:57  AM, christian glodt ist lu wrote:
> > I was looking at fm-directory-view.c:real_display_pending_files().
> > As it seems, currently hidden files are present in the list of
> > files passed to directory views even if hidden files are turned
> > off in the preferences. This probably hurts performance a bit
> > when viewing directories with lots of hidden files (e.g. home
> > directories). I tried to dig into the code to find out where
> > the problem lies, but I thought I'd rather report it now.
> >
> > I couldn't quickly find out where the GList of pending files
> > (files_added) is constructed. I got somewhat lost in
> > nautilus-directory*.[ch], but I suspect a fix may be possible
> > somewhere in nautilus_directory_get_info_for_new_files in
> > nautilus-directory-async.c. I'm not yet able to fix this myself.
> Calling this a bug is silly. You think that it *might* be faster if
> you filter out the hidden files at an earlier level. But it might not
> be faster.

I, for one, believe this could be the issue making home directory
loading slower than other directory for a simple reason :

The cost of the Gnome VFS callback is nothing, but the icon are 
only discarded at drawing time.

As we only draw by group of file, this introduce latency (first
files listed are hidden file). So you don't see anything happening
(I mean drawn) until the whole list of hidden file was walked throught.

what do you think ?

> Older versions of Nautilus did filter out hidden files earlier, and
> this led to a bug where if you renamed a file to a hidden name, it
> would stay forever with the non-hidden name, because the name change
> would not be reported to the directory view.

What about introducing a special case for this bug,
and revert to the old behavior ? That seem saner to me.

> I think it's extremely unlikely that changing the way this works will
> have any effect on the speed of Nautilus.
> On the other hand, If you do find that making this change makes
> Nautilus faster and doesn't reintroduce the "rename to hidden" bug,
> then I'd be happy to integrate a well-tested patch.

I'm willing to look at this... If nobody else want to do it...
Darin, I'll probably need your help trought.

Yoann Vandoorselaere | An engineer from NVidia, while asking him to release
MandrakeSoft         | cards specs said : - "Actually, we do write our drivers
                     | without documentation."

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