Re: [Nautilus-list] hidden files bug

On 13 Jun 2001, Yoann Vandoorselaere wrote:

> I, for one, believe this could be the issue making home directory
> loading slower than other directory for a simple reason :

Loading the home dir is slower than another dir? I never noticed that.

Although i have noticed one thing about the home dir. When you open a new
window and you already have a window displaying the home dir the loading
of the new window is slower. The speed drop scales lineary with the amount
of open home windows.

The reason is this: When you open a new window the directory you're gonna
display is invalidated, so you won't get stale data. (This is done by the
nautilus_directory_force_reload() call in begin_location_change()).

When the directory reloads, all views that currently display the directory
start reloading. And reloading means getting tons of "files_changed"
signals, leading to files_changed_callback() -> schedule_update_menus()
leading to a bunch of costly bonobo ui handler calls to update the menus.
(Insert favourite BonoboUIHandler sucks rant here.)

If you want to see the speed penalty of this, uncomment the
		 update_menus, (view));
call in fm-directory-view.c:fm_directory_view_update_menus().

This doesn't affect the home dir only, but that is where it is most
visible, since new windows open there.

Unfortunately I have no time to spend on fixing this currently.

/ Alex

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