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On 11 Jun 2001 12:39:43 -0500, David wrote:
> 'Aloo,
>       Nautilus is great.  Ive been using it more and more lately for
> everything.  There are a few things that I would like to suggest, though.
> 1) in a music view, be able to recurse into sub-directories.  i.e. I have
> my mp3 laid out as such:
>    mp3/
>     |_album/
>         |_song-name.mp3
> I can only list the songs in one directory at a time.  bummer :)

I agree completely.

To have this style functionality, it would only make sense if the list view
worked this way too...otherwise it would be pretty inconsistent.  displaying
sub-folders would be useful though (I'm not at my linux box at the moment,
but I don't think the music view does this right now)

> 2) have nautilus be able to give a music list from a playlist file (reads
> the play-list, displays a music view based on the contents)

Good idea.

That would be cool, but it seems like it should be part of a more
generalized virtual folder endeavor.  I think it would be cool to have a
mail view or a notes view or a tasks view as well, based on my evolution
data.  Or viewing files based on whatever search I make.  It seems like
there is a great deal of commonality there...

> 3) The ability to edit the id3 tags via a 'right-click' while in music
> view.

Why just in music view? id3 tags should be considered part of an mp3's
metadata and as such it should always be editable via the properties
dialog IMO.

I agree with you, but we would begin to embark on a slippery slope (that I
think we should ultimately go down) - that all applicable metadata for any
given filetype should be editable via a properties dialog.  It seems like
the API for that may be difficult to get right.  But it would be pretty damn

> 4) specify 'view' options for a particular folder.  If Im looking at
> mp3's, I dont want nor need the sidebar, location bar, etc.  sure I can
> manually turn this off everytime, buts its a pain.  Being able to
> right-click on a folder and specify the 'view properties' of that folder
> would be a god-send.

Good idea. Currently view (list/music/icon) is remembered by directory
but if things like the sidebar state were remembered that would be a
move in the right direction.

yes, this could be pretty useful....any stateful information could be
stored.  Kind of in line with the Finder, which remembered window size,
location, etc for each directory.


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